Welcome 2012

Welcome 2012

Field of Light Exhibition - Holburne Museum

Happy New Year!

It's going to be a good one (here's hoping)...I've made a few simple resolutions this year and they pretty much resemble last years...Exercise more, learn more, see more etc as you can see they are pretty broad ;) I do believe in setting yourself goals short term & long term and while my children are young they are pretty simple goals but that's ok.  I feel i've learnt loads this year from learning to play chess (I got a bit nervous when my 5 year old picked it up quicker than me!) to learning to crochet.  The latter has had such a positive impact on my life and given me a chance to be creative again!

So to celebrate the new year we took the children to see Bruce Munro's Field of Light exhibition at The Holburne Museum...

...We got there just before dark and although it looked impressive; a field of fibre optic balls surrounding the historic museum, it became altogether other worldly as darkness prevailed. It was such a beautiful sight, all the bulbs gradually changing colour; Lulu described it as 'Ghost Land' (I'm not sure where a 2 year old gets such ideas but maybe her brother had a hand in it?)

Rob took the tripod and very patiently stood still taking photos while I explored 'Ghost Land' with the children before heading home to some good food, hot chocolate and a game of chess in front of the fire (my favourite kind of evening at the moment).  All the time pondering what the new year will bring... 






Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2012!  

Bye for now. Em x

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