Valentines Crochet - Table Confetti

Valentines Crochet - Table Confetti

Happy Valentines 2012

I've crocheted lots of hearts before for bunting and embellishments but these are by far the easiest and quickest hearts I have ever made.  As I set about creating them I soon had a pile that would have made more hair clips than Lulu would ever wear and wondered what else I could use them for.  They looked great all over the table and then it came to me; 'Table Confetti' (I know my mind is just crazy sometimes) but this makes such a gorgeous decoration that I just had to share...

...I found this really cute tutorial for heart hair clips here.  I made them up with some cotton yarn, when completed each heart measures about 2.5cm, I made these (aprox 30 hearts) within an hour they were so easy. Displayed with some candles I think they make the table look really cute and festive.

I also added my crochet doily that I happened to make completely by accident when experiementing with new hat ideas.  These are fabulous (doilys not hats!) and I'm currently making some more and trying to write a pattern as I go that I can share on here. We'll see how that goes as I'm still a complete novice at pattern writing (the hardest bit so far has been remembering to take notes as I crochet!)

Once I've finished with these baby hearts I can use them for embellishments for other projects or simply bag them up and keep them for next year!

Have a Happy Valentines Day - remember to spoil the ones you love; we will be enjoying another family meal and I'm currently making up some little 'goodie' bags for the little ones filled with little valentines themed sweeties and some hand made book marks - See, I just can't help myself!






Bye for now. Em xx

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