The Winter Beach

Pebble Hunting, Porlock

So here we are in half term and yes it's rainy and grey so what do we do? Why we go to the beach of course! I love the beach at any time of year, I find it so soothing and yet full of adventure.  So we packed up the car, wellies and raincoats taking place of blankets and beach balls, and headed down to Devon to see what the day would bring...

We stopped at Porlock to stretch our legs and have some lunch and ended up walking the coastal path to the weir.  It was actually quite a trek at around two miles through muddy fields and marsh ground (with buggy!) but so beautiful even on such a grey day.  When we finally reached the pebble beach the children were delighted and, after some food, found they were more than happy to explore the pebbles for the rest of the afternoon.  Rob and I were just happy to sit on the beach and watch them playing, imagining and creating - Magic!

As the day drew to a close we piled back into the car with our findings; heart shaped pebbles, animal shaped pebbles, letter pebbles (well just lots of pebbles really) all to be painted and decorated at home. Did you see how I managed to squeeze another half term activity in there? Hooray for the beach!


'umm guys that's not the way'




Pebbles! hurrah!

Bye for now.xx

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