remains of the day

remains of the day

*please note this post contains a whole lot of 'nothing'

The weather has been all over the place recently, true to British form, and I've found it really frustrating.  I've got loads of little projects that I want to get started on (or finish) in the garden but the rain hardly holds off to do anything.  The children and I will snuggle up on a Sunday afternoon with a Harry Potter film (oli's favourite but only ones with Dobby in!) tucked into throws and blankets when the sun will decide to shine at full pelt making us feel the need to be outside again; on go shoes, out goes the washing and within half an hour we are all back in again!

So you would think that the minute the sun made a good appearance that looked as if she may linger for the day I would be out there like a shot with all my good intentions but instead I did the unthinkable...

...NOTHING.  I did nothing all afternoon, this involved blankets and cushions covering the lawn while I lazed about with my book!  I read, watched the children play, made the odd cup of tea, got up for ice lollies and that was it.  It was glorious.  Isn't that the way the weekend should be? It doesn't happen very often and I found that as the evening drew in I was so relaxed that as Rob got the little ones ready for bed I once again ventured out to the garden (in the guise of tidying up.) The Sun was starting to set and everything looked so beautiful that I snapped some pics then curled up on the lounger and lay there with the sun on my face, my eyes shut so that everything went that warm rusty orange.  I stayed there and thought about nothing until the sun was gone, for that moment everything was in its place, peaceful and perfect...just for a moment anyhow!


Glorious sun throwing shadows across the garden


Elderfowers that I didn't pick to make cordial!


The childrens hammock that I really wish was strong enough to hold my weight!


Colours of the sunset...


...A Cowboy's sunset, although the Cowboys were sadly tucked up in bed at this point.


The remains of the day...

Bye for now.xx