From the Garden

From the Garden

The little things in life

We are starting to reap the rewards of our labour of love in the garden.  The children have delighted in picking radishes and lettuce from the raised beds and have been keen to try everything.  Oli was bewitched by the bright red radishes but has since discovered they are not to his taste!  Granted, we are far from 'the good life'; no man, woman and 3 children can live off the scent of roses, a few radish and lettuce alone but...

...I believe in taking pleasure from the little things in life.  A friend and I have recently taken up crochet we've laughed about how much satisfaction and enjoyment it has brought us (it is a little addictive) when we've discovered a new stitch or come another square closer to completing our blankets (family heirlooms of course!)

Don't get me wrong the big things in life are great; getting married, childbirth, a new job, a new home, winning the lottery (please God)...but they don't happen every day and if they did they wouldn't be the things we hope, dream and plan for would they? Life can be hard work but it's the laughter of my children, small acts of kindness, a chat with good friends or dazzling red radishes poking out of the earth that make me smile.  So I'll take these moments where I can and remind myself how lucky I am.


Like red jewels in my kitchen!


Roses from the garden (in my thrifted £2 jug!)


The chickens have their mischievous eyes on these beauties...


...while the children have been up to 'no good' in the garden (don't even ask what this is about I have no idea!)

Bye for now.xx

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