Crochet - Granny Stripe Poncho

Crochet - Granny Stripe Poncho

A Halloween Treat

I meant to post this much earlier but things got so busy it got missed but I think It's worth posting about because it was the first item of clothing I ever crocheted (and it was so simple). I really wanted to make a little poncho for Lulu, she's fairly small so I felt it would be a manageable project for a newbie crocheter!

Halloween was approaching and I thought it would be great to make something she could wear over her flimsly Halloween costume as I always worry about the children running around in those costumes (they refuse to wear jumpers/coats.) We don't 'trick or treat' but I do like to have a little Halloween 'tea' for the children and their friends of which their favourite part is always running around the garden in the dark with their torches! Anyway onto the pattern...

...I was inspired by a pattern called 'Seashell Poncho' that I found on the Lionbrand Website* I say 'inspired' as I only used it as a general guide because I found although it said toddler it wasn't working with the 4mm hook and acrylic yarn I was using.  I amended it by adding some extra chains until I got the size I needed and missing out the rounded neck as I wanted a more V shaped poncho, the other significant change I made was in the finishing round; instead of finishing with rows of single crochet I decided to finish with a ruffle edging which i created by crocheting 3 trebles (UK) into each stitch on the final round.  But as long as you make sure to check your measurements this is a good pattern for a granny stripe poncho and works up really fast.

I picked my colours to create a stripy witch look as I knew this was going to be worn with her Halloween costume, but it still looks cute when she wears it with her jeans.

*The patterns on the Lionbrand website are free but you have to join their mailing list to get access to them - they are also written in American terminology so remember that if you want to try them out!


Lulu's scary face! Look at those clusters - skull like?




No self respecting witch rides a broom anymore darling!


No poncho's here but just for being cute...

Bye for now. Em xx

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