Crochet - Leftovers

Crochet - Leftovers

A small crochet project

Well that's nearly it for half term, the children are currently on a TD day and then tomorrow it's back to normality. Part of me craves the peace that comes with the children being at school the other part of me dreads the routine. I've not found the time to do much crochet at all but one small project I did complete was made with the crocheted leftovers from my last cushion cover...

...Once I'd finished the cushion cover I realised I'd made up one too many squares, I didn't have enough of the Rowan wool left to make another cushion cover so I started to think about how I could use them.  I decided to make a little granny square purse for Lulu, I made another square (I actually had enough wool to make three more squares so I made two of these little purses)

These were easy peasy to make, I crocheted two squares together (right sides facing) with a single crochet through every stitch along 3 sides instead of finishing off here (which you could if you just wanted a carry purse) I carried on and chained 100 to make a handle - long enough so she could wear it as a bag - I went back along the chain with a single crochet (UK dc) in each stitch, followed by another row of sc, then attached the unattached side of the handle to the purse with the remaining yarn. I turned it inside out (so the right sides were back on the outside) and 'volia' one happy toddler!

The purse is slightly flawed in that it has those granny holes everywhere so when I have a bit more time I'll create a little fabric liner to slip inside it.

Hope you've enjoyed half term if you've had one, we've had a busy week and I've enjoyed spending time with them all, we've been to the Cinema (The Muppets), enjoyed long walks, had friends for tea and sleepovers, visited family oh and fit in trips to the dentist and hairdressers - Not bad for a week, yes I definitley could do with a break now...






This girl just kills me!

Bye for now. Em xx

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