Crochet - Gingerbread House

A weekend project...

We had a quiet sort of weekend so I spent some time browsing the Internet for crochet gingerbread patterns after a friend and I were discussing how to make them, I got completely sidetracked when I came across this gorgeous pattern for a gingerbread house and knew I had to make it...

...I started it on Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend working on it whenever I could and by Sunday evening it was finished. I really enjoyed making it, the pattern was easy to follow and the house is mostly made up of single crochet so it was fairly simple, although there were lots of fiddly colour changes when making the sweets. I'm so pleased with the way it turned out, I think it will have pride of place on the mantelpiece once the Christmas decorations go up.





When I was in the supermarket the other day, I noticed they had some small (3ft) white Christmas trees on offer for less than £2.50 so I snapped one up for the summerhouse. We have a green Christmas tree and usually decorate it with reds, golds and greens but I've always been fascinated by brightly decorated white trees, I think maybe because our nan and grandad always had a white tree for Christmas when we were younger.  I also found these fabulous glittered Santas, which again reminded me of our childhood decorations, I'm actually very excited about decorating that little white tree as colourful and bright as I can!


One little guy even matches the door!

And speaking of excitement here's someone else who is beginning to feel the Christmas spirit:


Do you remember how long December felt as a child? I do (just about), and mine are already asking on a daily basis when it will be time to open their advent calendars!

Bye for now. Em xx



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