Crochet - Crocodile Flower Cushion

Crochet - Crocodile Flower Cushion

The Crocodile Flower

Hello! I came to a bit of a standstill this weekend with my crochet projects. Lulu's blanket is still coming along and although I've completed 120 squares I had not sewn in any ends. I'm now paying the price and trying to sew them in after I've joined each row. Making it slow going (and slightly tedious) but I know it will be worth it in the end. I've also been working on some new ideas but what I really wanted was a weekend project, something that I could finish!

I took to Ravelry to find something pretty that I could make which would take my mind off the numbers/stitches/charts that had been clouding my thoughts...

...I found it almost instantly. The Crocodile Flower pattern by Joyce Lewis looked so gorgeous I couldn't resist and started work immediately. The pattern is for a 12 inch square and I thought maybe I could make it and use it as a potholder. I used a 4.5mm hook and various balls of Stylecraft Classique DK Cotton that I had stashed. As I worked it up though I knew it was more suited to a cushion.

It's such a beautiful pattern, although it did require some focus so If you are new to reading crochet patterns I wouldn't recommend this as your first project. I added a few extra rows of trebles to the square to make it fit my cushion pad and worked up a giant granny square for the back, joining both pieces with double crochets around the edges. I probably should have blocked it before joining but it doesn't look too wonky so I may just leave it on this occasion. ;)

I'm so pleased with it. I was looking at making some new cushions for the playroom (read: abandoned dining room) but once I'd finished this I knew I couldn't subject it to the marmite kisses it would inevitably receive so I gave it to K for her room and she loves it. 

The pattern is available as a Ravelry download here if you'd like to have a go.


Crochet Crocodile Flower Cushion

Crochet Crocodile Flower Cushion

Crochet Crocodile Flower Cushion

Can you tell I'm a bit in love with it?

just one more... 

Crochet Crocodile Flower Cushion

Right now I'm back to sewing in ends and joining squares...

Have a lovely week.

Bye for now. Em xx

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