Crayon Hearts

Crayon Hearts

Re-love your old crayons

It's half term again, we've looked forward and waited for it and it's raining!  All our plans have gone out the window (well they've sort of hovered by the windowsill - it's too wet for them outside!) and I'm left wondering how to keep three children between the ages of 1 and 10 occupied?

We've found lots of arts and crafts projects that are cost free on the internet, and a surprising winner with my children has been creating these lovely heart crayons...

These are so pretty and a really great way of using up all those broken crayons that end up at the bottom of the colouring tin. The children have really enjoyed using these for rubbings and drawings and I've found that instead of taking a whole pack of pencils/crayons out with us I can slip one or two of these in my handbag and they have a range of colours at their disposal (you know for those moments when you're waiting for lunch/coffee/cake and your children start to look like they'll explode if they have to sit still for another minute!)

All you need is a baking tray (mini cupcake ones are ideal) and crayons; click here for the full how to. I lightly sprayed my tray with oil as I found the first batch needed quite a lot of table bashing before they popped out! I have a fan assisted oven and found that I only needed to bake these for ten minutes before they were melted.


I also found some really pretty downloadable colouring/activity sheets on this beautiful site:

That should keep them happy for half an hour - now what to do with the other 7 hours until bedtime?



'That's beautiful darling'


'Thanks mum, now if you don't mind no product placement on my artwork please!'

'Sorry Lulu'


Bye for now.xx

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