So here it is...

So here it is...

...Merry Christmas: making, making, making!

It's a busy busy time of year for everyone, I've spent December frantically crocheting to get my Christmas orders out and I have a few days now to make some Christmas gifts (nothing like cutting it fine!) We've *Rob* made the cake and have been lovingly 'feeding' it all month the children have finally got to decorate it.  We've made snow globes 'a la Kirstie Alsop', decorated the tree, written cards, wrapped presents (will it ever end...?), watched 2 nativities, been to several carol services, listened to my new christmas album 'A Very She & Him Christmas' and watched 'The Grinch' and 'The Polar Express' A LOT, no one seems to want to watch my favourites: 'National Lampoons Christmas Vacation' or 'White Christmas' - I'll wait till they're in bed...

...December must be the most exciting month of the year, the children are besides themselves trying to be good.  I look at them each morning and their excitement at opening another door on their calender just takes me back to being a child and I remember how long the month of December felt! Now it seems there just aren't enough days to do all the things I'd like to/need to get done.

I've not had time to blog or photograph what we've been up to properly but here are a few festive snaps from my phone...


Making Hats


 Losing his first tooth


Making gifts


Making Cake


Making Snow Globes


Making, Making, Making...


...and hopefully making some peace and quiet for mum?

Have a lovely Christmas whatever you're doing.

Bye for now. Em xx

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