Birthday Preparations

Birthday Preparations

Crochet Heart Bunting and Mini Cupcakes

Birthday time is upon us Lulu turned 2 yesterday and Oli will follow shortly with his 5th birthday next week.  Time is flying by and the days are as hectic as ever, having a toddler at home is lovely but also hard work everything is 'mine' and everyone is 'naaauty' (except Lulu of course!).  I was rudely awaken the other morning with her throwing pennies at my head (from her brothers money box) as if I was some kind of wishing well, whilst shouting 'goodmorning wakeup'! I tried to explain to her it would be much nicer to sneak into bed and try to wake me by stroking my head or bringing me coffee but she just smiled, nodded and continued her attack!

So with birthdays being so close we decided to throw a joint party and I've been busy creating lots of little bits including some lovely crochet heart bunting...


I found a tutorial for these little crochet hearts on YouTube and unlike other hearts I've made these were the perfect size for bunting (about 10cm in length) I made up 8 hearts using 4 different colours and attached them to some garden string this made just under 2 metres of bunting.  They look really sweet hung up in the garden amongst the trees and I'm really pleased with the way they turned out (unlike my baby bootees which so far are a big fail!)




I also made up a batch of really lazy mini cupcakes for Lulu to take to playgroup with her.  These mini cakes are great as you get lots of cakes from only one batch of cake mix.  The recipe was a basic sponge mix 125g of sugar, flour and butter and 2 eggs.  I popped it all in the food processor pulsed until just mixed then popped a teaspoon of mix into each mini cake case and into the oven for ten minutes!  The cake tin I used takes 24 cakes and I had a fair bit of mix left so once they were cooked I used the rest of the mix and got an additional 10 cakes!

When they were cooled I melted some chocolate, popped a bit on top and then added a sweet!  The children really loved them and they were just the right size for their little hands (and tummies!)



Not the tidiest of cakes but let's face it the minute 2 year olds get their hands on these they are not going to be worried by my lack of icing skills!


Happy Birthday darling.xx

Right I'm off to fill party bags and inflate balloons!

Bye for now.xx

*Edit 11/06/12 - I've had a few queries about the pattern for the crochet hearts so I've had a little search online and found a written version and links to the video tutorial on Crochet Geek Blog if you'd like to give them a go. xx

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