Learning to Crochet

Learning to Crochet


If you read my last post you will know I have recently been learning how to crochet.  A friend and I loved the idea of being able to create our own blankets for our children and set off on a quest that at times has been both hilarious and frustrating but hugely rewarding...

We purchased some cheap yarn and a crochet hook and each went our separate ways to investigate 'Youtube'. My first few attempts at a granny square were pretty poor but I have been really impressed with the quality of tutorials on youtube especially for beginners and only a short week later we were both well on our way to having lots of granny squares that we could make our blankets from.

I started with a basic granny square pattern for a throw for the living room but quickly (when I realised I would need a 100 squares) started another smaller project of a dolls blanket for Lulu.  By then I'd got the hang of joining squares and changing colours so this was a lot more enjoyable. The only thing I found confusing was the difference in American and British stitches, the stitches are much the same but the names differ for example their double crochet stitch is a treble crochet here.  Once I got my head around this it was a lot easier to follow simple patterns and I have since started A LOT including a cushion cover, a toy pig, some bunting and now booties.  I was feeling quite bad at having all these projects on the go but when I went back to the lovely yarn store; Marmalade Yarns where I purchased my hook she reassured me this was perfectly normal and that she herself always had lots of projects on the go. 

This is what I think is so great about crochet, you can just pick up from where you left off, so if I want to do something simple in between some catch up TV I'll just crochet some simple squares for my blanket or if I'm in the mood for a challenge I'll grab a book and start work on a new pattern (I still find Youtube a great help if I want to see how a particular stitch is worked).  I also love the feeling of handing something to my children that I have made for them and they are always so delighted it's like they know that I've filled each stitch with love...

...So that's it a few weeks on I am well and truly 'hooked', I have lots more pictures to show and some books to review but here are a few pictures of my very first blankets...


A throw/blanket for the living room, I want this to be BIG so I'm happily taking my time with it.  I'm envisioning romantic pictures of us all curled up peacefully on the sofa in front of the fire in the winter months... (we can dream can't we?)


Lulu's baby doll blanket.  I was inspired by a little vintage cot we bought her at a car boot sale, it was screaming out for a little crocheted blanket.  I've since finished so more pics to come...


Some of the lovely bright yarns I bought (already getting a bit of a collection)


I also found a new use for my Cath Kidston changing bag! I love this bag but I haven't needed to use it in a while which made me sad.  But it's just the right size for carrying my pattern books and yarns/projects that I'm working on so now I'm very happy!

P.S. If any of you are interested in learning to crochet there is also a great little 'how to' guide on the lovely Mollie Makes website, I've linked it here.

Bye for now.xx

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