Crochet - A New Cushion

Crochet - A New Cushion

Hello February you are very welcome here!  

I've been working on loads of little crochet projects over the winter.  My crochet buddy and I are planning on doing our first craft fair this year so we've been working on lots of new ideas. I'm feeling very positive and creative and have hugely enjoyed being able to try out new ideas and seeing them come together (some not all).

One of the things we are making lots of are cushion covers as they are easy and quick to make and are a great way to experiment with different colours/patterns...

... I made my first crochet cushion back in August, you can see it here. I really enjoyed making it although it did turn out a little large and I had trouble finding a pad to fit!  This time I (sensibly) measured a standard cushion pad before starting!  

I used a traditional granny square pattern and added colour by using some gorgeous chunky colourscape wool. For the back I made one large granny square to fit instead of the envelope back I created for the last one.  I joined the pieces using a single crochet stitch all around and left a small opening to allow it to be filled; I'll add a couple of buttons when I find some I like.  

This cushion was so quick to make but I love its simplicity I think I even prefer it to my first - this could be a problem! I like this cushion too much to part with and it looks so comfortable here that I think it would be cruel to move it - don't you? I'll definitely be making more though so all will be well again!






Bye for now. Em xx

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