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Crochet - Granny Square Scarves

Crochet - Granny Square Scarves

We had a quiet kind of weekend and made the most of the sunshine in the garden by dusting down the garden furniture and having a bit of a tidy.  I also managed to finish one of the many crochet projects I have on the go; granny square scarves...

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Mid-Week Pause

Gruffalo Days...

Mid-Week Pause

I've been busy crocheting hats this week so just a little mid-week pause to share some pictures of Lulu who is full of Spring & mischief and growing too fast...

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Free Crochet Pattern - Egg Cosy

My first pattern...

Free Crochet Pattern - Egg Cosy

I can't believe it's March already, it seems like only yesterday I was feeling that post-Christmas drag and thinking Spring would be ages away - so Hooray for Spring!

I've been asked if I could make some egg cosies so I have been playing around with patterns. The first pattern I tried was from one of my books, it was a simple pattern but because of the yarn/hook I was using came out the size of a barbie hat (which is what it's now being used as) so I gave up and did my own thing instead...

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Books we love

{February 2012}

World Book day is nearly here again (March 1st), Oli has already come home excited with his £1 book voucher, so I thought I'd do another book post.  Last year I went a bit crazy trying to pin down my favourite book EVER and completely stressed myself out! This year I've kept it simple by selecting the favourite books we've read this month - much easier!


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Crochet - Jar Cosy

Jar Covers

Crochet - Jar Cosy

Whilst browsing Pinterest a while back I came some gorgeous pictures of crochet jar covers used to turn old jars into tea light holders and promptly put them on my ever-growing list of things to make, after a little hunt of the internet I managed to find one that I liked the look of.  

I was so pleased with the result that after the first one I got a little addicted and carried on making them...

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