World Book Day {2011}

World Book Day {2011}

'I write this sitting in the kitchen sink'...

...Well not really but as today is world book day and being an ardent book lover I thought it would be a great opportunity to share a couple of our favourite books. Our home is filled with books and I couldn't be without them, the children have also, to my delight, grown to be enthusiastic book lovers.  We have bookcases in most rooms (small piles of books can usually be found in those without) and I've got to the stage now that a book only makes the bookshelf if it is truly special; those that don't make the shelf I swap with friends.

I thought for a while about which book I could call my favourite and decided I couldn't possibly narrow it down to 1 or even ten; I cherish novels alongside cookery books, history books, plays, poems, travel books...the list goes on.  So I thought for this post the children and I would pick one book each from our favourites to share...

So my choice is:


I adore this book, I read it once when I was at secondary school and enjoyed it but most significantly I re-read it on a holiday Rob and I had in Skiathos after a particularly hard year. I'm not sure if it was the beautiful scenery or that I was reading it at a turning point in our relationship but I have been in love with this book ever since.  It's a real coming of age novel set in the 1930's based around the 17 year old Cassandra, an aspiring writer, and her family who live in poverty in the ruins of a 14th century castle.  Their demise having occured after her father, a once famous author, was sent to prison for brandishing a cake knife at her mother, and who has suffered from writers block ever since despite being remarried to the exotic artists model Topaz.  In her journal she details their eccentric lifestyle and the sensation caused when two handsome men appear in their lives. Beautiful, innocent, funny, heart-breaking and heart-warming I am always sorry when I finish it!

Oli's (4yrs) current favourite bedtime book is:


Oli came home with one of these stories from school, he had picked it as his 'share book' and loved it so much he asked the teacher if he could keep it another day! I'm lucky he does enjoy books but unlike 'K' I find he likes books with lots of humour so I'm always really pleased when he finds something he wants to read again and again.  I bought him this collection of stories for Christmas and I had to read each one to him before he would go to sleep, since then I find he often picks this book up at bedtime (though I limit him to one story at a time now!)

Lulu (1.5 yrs) loves:


I just couldn't help myself when I saw this! This book was another Christmas present and Lulu adores it, the interactions are really good for a small child, for example peeking behind the curtains, opening presents.  I've also just invested in 'Lulu's Loo' from the same series as summer is approaching and then we will be having potty training fun! Lovely book even if your name's not Lulu!

K' (10 yrs) loves:

I didn't have time to photo K's favourite as she was at an after school club but when she got home and I asked her she reeled off a whole list (good girl) of favourites.  They were: The Harry Potter Books (ooh ooh and me), The Angus Thongs series and The 13 Treasures series.  That was just to start.

Bye for now. Em xx

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