Thrifty Finds

Thrifty Finds

I mentioned we managed to have a wander around a flea market early Sunday morning and that I love to do this.  I'm happy that it is once again car boot 'season' as we love to have a wander around them AND I desperately need to de-clutter (it's a double-edged sword!).

We came home with a few good finds sunday... 

...We spotted this old school desk and snapped it up quickly, I've been looking on eBay for one of these for nearly a year now and hardly any have popped up on my local searches.  We already had an old school chair waiting for it! Lulu loves it (as does Oli) and I was so pleased we finally found one!  I casually suggested to Rob that I may paint it but he got that strained look on his face - so I think I may have to leave this one!

The other thing that I now keep my eyes peeled for is Crocheted blankets.  I know this may seem odd now that I can make them myself but now I know how much time and effort go into them I am always intrigued by their value outside the person/s they were made for.  I saw a couple of acrylic/wool granny square blankets both at amazing prices but this really caught my eye.  It's a cotton single bed throw (or maybe a very long oval tablecloth??) and it's gorgeous.  I tried not to show my excitement when I asked the price and was amazed when she said £10! TEN POUNDS, that throw would take me a year to make and probably cost ten times that in cotton! I didn't even argue.  I'm not going to use it on a bed though, but maybe for something in the garden? I washed it and as soon as it was on the line Lulu was all over it!!  

My final find was a piece of pink Pyrex! Rob does not understand this but I just love it and can't wait to serve something tasty up in!

So those were our thrifty home bargains - until next time. Although I think I'll need to do that car boot sale before I bring anything else home!

Here she is hanging gloriously from the washing line (the throw, not Lulu, although she is quite glorious!) ...


...Beautiful, I can't stop looking at it!


Lulu can't stop playing in it!




And here's her new desk - ready for those 'works of art' she produces ;)




last but not least...PINK Pyrex!


Oh I love, love, love treasure hunting!

Bye for now. Em xx

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