Springing Forward


I feel like I am finally getting into the groove of this year. It helps that the sun has been shining on occasion. The affect on my mood is almost instant and I find I achieve so much more…


Lululoves: Crochet Stars


Lululoves: Lacock Village

Lululoves: Lacock Village

Lululoves: Lacock Village

Lululoves: Lacock Village

Lululoves: Chocolate Brownie Cake

Lululoves: Crochet Zig Zag Blanket

Lululoves: Reading

I’ve been crocheting so much; I’m still trying to limit my projects so that items get finished. It is VERY hard. I’ve made these sweet star motifs following this pattern from Red Heart. I was going to make a long table runner but I used DK yarn from my stash and I’ve been regretting it… It has now been demoted to the coffee table; I may start again using something lighter. I have also started a blanket for Oli. I found this lovely Zig Zag pattern on Instagram from ByMimzan. It’s called the heartbeat Ripple. I’m enjoying it a lot, I think it may even be finished before the summer! I ordered some lovely Paintbox acrylic aran and was so excited to begin I started without realising I was missing a colour. When it arrived a few days later I was already several repeats in. Now I’m not sure whether to add it for future rows? I’m trying to convince myself that the bit I’ve already worked will be at the end of the bed so no one will really see it…but the perfectionist in me is saying tough you will have to carry on without it.

We’ve been making an effort to get out more at the weekends. It’s hard because there is still so much work to do on the house but sometimes the pull is just too much. We spent Saturday morning walking around Lacock and the surrounding fields. The children ran whilst we marvelled at the lucky dog walkers who got to walk their dogs daily to the view of the gorgeous Abbey.

I baked a brownie cake.  It turned out suspiciously like a giant brownie and not very much like a cake at all. In fact, thinking about it the only difference between the ‘cake’ recipe and the way I usually make brownies was the whisking of the egg whites. It was nice nonetheless.

I gave up a few things for lent. One of them was Facebook. I’ve been amazed at how much more I’ve been able to get done, especially reading. I’m back to finishing one book a week and it has given me so much peace. I’ve just finished Jane of Lantern Hill by my favourite childhood author L. M. Montgomery. I love the innocence of her stories but also the way the main characters are flawed. They are never portrayed as perfect but always manage to thrive given the right environment. They remind me to be thankful for the small things. Isn’t that the way with books; some are thought provoking others just uplift you.

Speaking of uplifting I could not be happier that it is once again blossom season. Between all the lovely white and pink blooms and the magnolias coming through I am in heaven, especially when the sky is blue.

Lululoves: Cherry blossom

Wishing you blue skies and blossom.

Bye for now. Em x

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