Lulu loves her big sister

When I was young I often thought it would be great to have a sister.  I have a younger brother and we were polar opposites growing up, my mum said that I stopped wanted to play with him the minute he refused to do what I told him (I think this is a bit harsh but was probably somewhat true)!  As adults we have grown much closer and I now really enjoy spending time with him (we have a more balanced relationship now *ahem*).  But I am glad Lulu has a big sister as well as a big brother, I think she'll have the best of both worlds.  Already I can see their relationship developing and it is sometimes breathtaking to watch...

Although there are 9 years between the girls it is great to see them chatting and laughing together.  Lulu looks up to K, she looks for her if she is scared or needs help and is obsessed with her bedroom which must seem like a treasurre trove for a nearly 2 year old! K in turn cuddles and tickles her, helps her with her shoes, guides her and just simply loves her.  I'm hoping that the age gap will mean less bickering as they get older (unlike Lulu and her brother who already seem fall out regularly over toys - his!) but I'm mostly glad that Lulu will always have an extra person to turn to, guide her and love her and let's face it we could all do with that!


Someone to laugh with... or at!


or just simply to hold your hand...


Bye for now.xx

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