A Year In Polaroid 2010 - Part I

A mobile photo album

As I was loading the photos for the World Book Day post from my phone to my PC I noticed I still had all of last year's photos to export! I was shocked to discover that I had taken 1728 pictures last year on my mobile, that's an average of 144 photos a month just hidden away on my phone! I realised that these pictures probably give a more accurate representation of day to day life than the ones I take on my digital camera so I've decided to do a 'Year in Pictures' post, a little late I know but I was very new to blogging in January and was still getting my head around this system. 

I have selected my favourite pictures, run them through a Polaroid app and listed them by season; I will post it in two halves.  I have tried to be ruthless and limit these to one picture a month but sometimes it's hard to sum up the feelings/memories of a particular month in one picture alone.

So here goes...



January and February were all about snow...


The children spent as much time as they could playing in the garden, walking through the fields having snowball fights, building snowmen...


Oli tried desperately to build an igloo...


...and Lulu who was 6 months old at the start of January spent her days snug in her snowsuit being kept warm with cuddles and kisses!



Everything got green as the world came alive; Lulu also noticed the change and promptly started to crawl.


The Birthday Season began in May with K's 10th Birthday and I baked the first of many birthday cakes (we have a birthday every month from May to October)


Queenie (we named her queen of the garden, you can see why) finally blossomed again for the first time in 2 years and this year she had a new family member hanging from her royal branches.


As June approached the warm weather meant we spent most of our free time in the garden, Lulu got her first experience of the paddling pool and LOVED it!

So that was the first 6 months of 2010 taken very quickly on my phone.

Bye for now.xx

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