Crochet - Playing with Colour

Crochet - Playing with Colour

Well, half term has just flown by, the weather here has been miserable and meant we celebrated the jubilee with a very wet BBQ - by BBQ I mean Rob in the garden while it poured down, cooking under the gazebo and everyone else crammed into the kitchen and living room! But in true Brit style it was a lovely day nonetheless.

My hook, although slow, has not been idle this week and I did start another crochet project but, as I have the attention span of a small child, this has turned into several projects...

...It started with a trip to the wool shop.  I try not to visit the wool shop too often anymore as I tend to get a bit excited (a fellow crocheter rightly described it as being like a child in a sweet shop) and wool can be quite expensive it turns out! But there I was looking for colour inspiration for a blanket I want to make Lulu for her birthday. I came away with three colours that made me very happy when I held them together in my greedy hands and rushed home to start my blanket at once.

I was good for a couple of days and spent the evenings happily creating my granny squares but then the 'granny square blues' started to kick in and I began to wonder about the other stitches that would look good with these colours and the other 'small' projects that maybe I could make with them. Hmmm.

I started playing with the larksfoot stitch, simply because I'd never tried it and I'm happy to report it does indeed look pretty. I will have to come up with a good use for it soon, although I daren't start another blanket yet.  This led to an idea for a small project using my colours but the larksfoot was a bit too 'gappy' for this so I turned to the bobble stitch, which is the most tactile stitch ever and one of my favourites.  

Hopefully, I should be able to share this project soon...unless of course I'm distracted again!

In the meantime here are a few 'coming along' shots...



Beautiful colours for beautiful bobbles...


I even love the back of the bobble stitch...


No matter where I put them the pile is still SMALL!


And while we're here let's just take a minute to appreciate these lovely Sweet Williams still full of colour after ten days!


Now those colours would make a good blanket...

Hope you all enjoyed the Jubilee weekend.

*Edit* The bobble sunglasses pattern can be found here

Bye for now. Em xx

P.s. I was very excited to set up my bloglovin account this week, so if you use bloglovin, and you'd like too, you can now follow Lululoves there by clicking below.xx

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