For the love of vintage

For the love of vintage

Frome Vintage Bazaar

The sun has finally made an appearance here and we've been making the most of it. Although typically the minute the weather warmed everyone caught colds! Despite the sniffles the children were very happy to be out in the sunshine over the weekend.

Not wanting to spoil my their fun I decided to leave them in the garden with Rob and made my way to the Spring Vintage Bazaar in Frome...

I love a good rummage at the vintage bazaars and as I was child free for a couple of hours I took along my camera so I thought I'd share a few photos here.

The Vintage Bazaar in Frome is held at the Cheese and Grain and the whole hall is always full of amazing stalls selling inspiring collections of vintage and handmade items. Since I began crocheting I appreciate the value of handmade so much more. I really take pleasure (when my budget allows) in buying handmade goods. I like that not only am I getting something unique that has been made with passion and care but that I can support local artists.  

As I was walking around, trying to sneak photos through the crowds, I was listening to the stallholders talk to each other and their customers and what struck me was that they very much supported each other (buying from each others' stalls, getting each other coffees etc.) it seemed to me like a friendly creative community and I LOVE that.

So here's a glimpse from the weekends rummage, I will admit that it was so busy it was difficult to get clear shots so there were many more gorgeous stalls that I didn't get to photograph - where possible I've linked to the sellers website/blog if you'd like to find out more about their work:


Beautiful vintage fabrics and trims - Donna Flower


I was very tempted by these tiny shot glasses - Helen Roskell


The most amazing hand made fairies by: Nostalgia at No.1


Frome Vintage Bazaar

Gorgeous vintage homeware from: All Things Vintage and Beautiful

Frome Vintage Bazaar

Frome Vintage Bazaar

More beautiful fabrics from: Sal's Snippets

Frome Vintage Bazaar

The cutest display by: Daisy Darling Millinery

I was very good, but it seems I also have a weakness for vintage knits as I came home with another tea cosy. He just needs some new pom poms and he'll be right as rain:

Vintage Knitted Tea Cosy

It's the same with crochet blankets, when I see them at boot sales for just a couple of £ I feel so sad, I just want to take them home and love them again!

The Vintage Bazaars also appear in Devizes and Hartley Wintney, you can find more info here.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and that the sun has been shining for you :)

Bye for now. Em xx

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