Fish & Chips, Fossil Hunting and a New hat

Fish & Chips, Fossil Hunting and a New hat

Lulu loves a new crochet hat!

After a very hectic couple of weeks we decided to escape to the beach on Saturday, simply to have a walk and some fish & chips by the sea. We ended up on the gorgeous Jurassic coast at Lyme Regis, Dorset. This beautiful coastline has been granted World Heritage Site status because of its geological interest.  We've been many times before and it's the perfect place for a walk, exploring rock pools and the obvious activity, fossil hunting...


...When we arrived the weather was moody, I love the beach like this, we were wrapped up and wondered happily along the pebbles while Rob went off in search of our anticipated lunch. There is no better place to eat fish & chips than on the beach on a windy, grey day.  They may have been the best fish & chips ever!

After our seaside lunch the children wanted to explore the rock pools, you would think they had found actual treasure with the excitement that occurred on the discovery of a crab! Once they had exhausted these pools of wonder we headed down to Charmouth in the car for an ice cream and to search for fossils (translate: bash some pebbles with a tiny hammer!) Rob, K and Oli spent a happy hour doing this while Lulu preferred the lure of the sea, running and screaming as the waves lapped against her wellies.  I felt thoroughly refreshed after our day out AND we were home in time for Dr Who and hot chocolate - such a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

So onto Lulu's new crochet hat...

Lulu took advantage of the blowy seaside weather to wear her new hat! It seems a bit strange to be talking about woolly hats now as we are in the middle of a freak heatwave here... but I made this hat a couple of weeks ago when I was looking forward to the frosty autumn days to come.  I found a simple pattern on the lovely McKinley's Closet blog (click here for pattern) and set to it.  I used a wool mix yarn (30% wool) as I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I love it and Lulu loves it so once this heatwave is over I can see myself making lots more, probably for Lulu as the girl loves hats; she often tries to wear 3 at a time! I also made up another of the flowers I used for Lulu's Headband and added it to finish it off.

Isn't it lovely that talented people are happy to share these amazing patterns for free on the internet; it's made learning crochet so enjoyable being able to try out different patterns without the expense if it all goes terribly wrong.  I hope one day soon I'll be able to share my own patterns on here...








‘A very strange stranger it must be, who does not see charms in the immediate environs of Lyme, to make him wish to know it better.'

Jane Austen, Persuasion

Bye for now.

Em xx

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