Easter Break {2012}

Easter Break {2012}

Disneyland Paris & New Additions

We have had a lovely & exhausting Easter break, we've caught up with family and friends, hunted for easter eggs, baked, played and made a mess!  But the most exciting thing we did over the holidays was a trip to Disneyland Paris...

...None of us had ever been to a Disney park before so we were all VERY excited. K is nearly 12 now so we wanted to go while she was still young enough to be excited (though I don't believe you could ever outgrow disney!) We went on the Eurostar which must be the easiest way, as after a two hour train journey we were sat outside the gates to the Parks.  Our luggage was sent directly to the hotel so we were free to go and explore!

Lulu was nearly beside herself with excitement walking in, which surprised me as she's not really a 'Disney princess' kind of girl (more of a Gruffalo/Power Ranger type!) but it really was magical.  We only stayed 3 days but we managed to do a good balance of things to please everyone.  K obviously wanted to go on the scariest, most gravity defying rides which to be honest aged me 10 years!  Everytime I got on one of those rides I thought we were going to die (I can't believe I ever enjoyed theme parks!) eventually I managed to talk Rob into being her ride partner which he LOVED!  

It wasn't all rides though (thankfully) we enjoyed exploring, boat rides, haunted houses, the Disney parade, themed restaurants, swimming (in the hotel pool) and so much more - We were all completely shattered by the end of the trip!

Here come the (heavily editied) holiday snaps:









Happy Days...


...Happy Nights!


The other noteable event during the holidays has been the addition of two baby Guinea Pigs to the family!  As K named the family cat we thought it only fair that Lulu and Oli were given the chance to name the new additions.  So welcome to... Buzz (Oli) and Richard (Lulu!) I'm not sure how worthy a partner Richard is to Buzz as far as being courageous goes but he certainly is sprightly. In fact the first day we had them he managed to escape the hutch whist I was putting their food down and spent the next 5 hours happily exploring underneath the summerhouse. This had K and I stalking it ALL afternoon, trying to lure him out with food & promises whilst attempting to keep the cat and the little ones inside.

It transpires the best way to catch a rogue guinea is to sit COMPLETELY still for several hours with a box laden with hay and some cardboard to stop a swift return to the under shed (yes, it started out as a summerhouse by the end of the ordeal it was a stupid shed!) To be honest I'm not sure how I feel about Richard at the moment, I found the ordeal quite traumatic (as I'm sure he did) - It's certainly made me re-think us getting a dog!

Anyway that's it for the holidays - I hope you all had a lovely Easter break.  I've been working on some Disney inspired crochet which I hope to have finished by the weekend so I'll hopefully put something up monday.

Bye for now. Em xx

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