December Days

December Days

Ice Skating

December has finally arrived; days are shorter, nights longer and we're feeling the need to hibernate in front of a warm fire!  I've been really busy with my crochet projects and have been overwhelmed that people have actually requested some of my items to buy and give as Christmas gifts! I've had a lot of requests for hats and scarves and I've had to do a lot of experimenting with yarns/hooks to get different sizes and for the first time in my life I've found a use for Pi!

Amongst all this we are preparing for Christmas so I've been trying to find lots of things to do to get us in the mood for the festive period.  Ice skating seems such a perfectly 'wintry' thing to do so we headed off wrapped up early one morning to a garden centre close by with an outdoor rink for the holidays...

...We picked this ice rink not only because it was close but it was very family friendly and included 'seal hire' (toddler seats) for young children and clip on skates for those with tiny feet!

We enjoyed our time on the ice, Lulu adored being pushed around on her 'seal' and it was really handy for K and I who, despite several attempts over the years, have absolutely no balance! Oli, true to form, was determined to go it alone and often insisted I lead him to the centre of the rink so he could find his way back unattended - as you can imagine this left me loitering alone wondering how I could get back to the fence!  

Outdoor ice-skating is such a magical thing to do in the run up to Christmas but after 45 minutes of 'magic' Rob and I could hardly walk our ankles were aching so much! So we sought comfort in hot chocolate and cake before exploring what the children call 'Christmas land' or what we'd call 'highly priced Christmas decorations, lights and trees'.


Finding his feet...




Hope you are enjoying the run up to Christmas.

Bye for now,

Em xx

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