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I was playing around with some new yarn the other night and for some reason it made me think of sweets so I attempted to crochet one. However, once I had finished I felt the yarn was more suited to gloves or socks but I really liked my little sweetie so I decided to make a few more in cotton for my Christmas tree...

...These are very quick and simple to make and would make lovely Christmas tree decorations - they are also perfect for using up yarn scraps! I've written out a quick pattern below if you'd like to have a go.





Crochet Sweet Decoration Pattern

This pattern is written in UK terms, US abbreviations are given below in brackets as are the number of stitches for each round. The sweets measure approximately 6cm from ruffle to ruffle! You may want to use a stitch marker for the body of the sweet.


Hook: 3.5mm

Yarn: In two colours, for mine I used some odd bits of DK cotton

Toy stuffing

Stitch marker, darning needle & scissors 

Stitches Used:

Chain = CH

Slip Stitch = SS

Double Crochet = DC (SC)

Treble Crochet = TR (DC)

Double Crochet Decrease [double crochet 2 stitches together] = (DC2TOG)

Foundation: Ch 3 and join with a ss to make a loop

Round 1: Ch 1, 5 dc into loop, join with a ss

Round 2: Ch 1, [working into back loop only] 2 dc into each stitch around, join with a ss to ch1 (10) [see photo 1 below]

Round 3: Ch 1, [working through both loops from here on] *1 dc into next stitch, 2 dc into next stitch* repeat from *to* around (15) 

[Use stitch markers from here if needed]

Round 4: Ch 1, 1 dc in each stitch around, join with ss (15)

Round 5 & 6: repeat round 4

[Now stuff with your toy filler]

Round 7: Ch 1,* dc in next stitch, dc2tog,* repeat around, join with a ss (10)

[add more stuffing here if needed, use the blunt end of your hook to push it in]

Round 8: Ch 1, dc2tog X5 (5), finish off and leave a 10cm tail for sewing in.

Thread the tail though your needle and sew the final stitches together working through the back loops only, finish off and push thread through the body of the sweet.

You should be left 5 evident back loops, that create a small circle, on each side of your ball, these are slightly harder to see at the bottom of your ball, so I use my needle to pull those 5 loops slightly so I can see them [see photo 2 below] you will be working ruffles into these 5 stitches to finish the sweet [see photo 3 below]

Ruffles: to finish your sweets add your second colour by slip stitching through one of the leftover loops, Ch 3, 4 tr into that loop, then 5 tr into each of the remaining 4 loops, join to the top of the initial chain 3, finish off and tie in ends [I push these through the main body of the sweet then cut] Repeat on the other side of the sweet.

If you want to make these into tree decorations just sew a loop through the middle of the sweet.


Hope you enjoy these little sweets, although sadly they do not give the same satisfaction as working your way through a tin of real chocolates but they are definitely better for your waist!

Have a lovely weekend, we are off to visit Santa's grotto and hopefully find some Reindeer!

Bye for now. Em xx


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  • Monica


    03 October 2016 at 12:59 |
    Love them xxxx

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