Crochet: My First Shawl

Crochet: My First Shawl

Hello. I've been meaning to get on and post about my latest project all week but it's been half term here and the little people have proved to be very distracting, which has been a good thing...

This project has been a while in the making, not in the actual making but in the planning and imagining process (my favourite part). It started back in September when I was awarded blogger of the month by Black Sheep Wools. They sent me a £25 gift card and I selfishly knew that I wanted to use it on a project for myself

I was so busy in the run up to Christmas that I couldn't even begin to research patterns or wool. But finally, one grey day in January I was browsing Amazon when I came across The New Crochet, by Marion Madel. The idea of the book is to learn crochet in 25 lessons with a project to accompany each lesson. It starts with the chain stitch and a beautiful necklace and works through all the basic stitches, decreases and increases, lace stitches, working in the round etc. all with beautiful modern patterns. Now obviously I don't need to learn to crochet but the projects looked so gorgeous that I knew I'd get some use out of it - plus I've yet to find a crochet book that I've not learned something from :)

I skipped through the book and came across the most adorable shawl (Lesson 19, finishing a triangle). I loved the colour but, a little unhelpfully, the book does not seem to label any brand of wool just a recommended weight and blend. So with my gift card in mind I spent a happy hour browsing Black Sheep Wools website before deciding on Rowan Wool Cotton. Initially I picked it for the colour but also because I wanted something that would stand up to a lot of use (especially the chucked in the beach bag kind) and I knew it would be perfect to show of the beautiful stitch pattern.

I will admit I initially found the pattern a little difficult to follow, I think maybe because there were a few small errors early on that confused me...but there was an accompanying stitch diagram and step-by-step photos, so between the two I got there in the end. I changed the edging slightly as mine was curling quite badly but other than that I think I followed the pattern as well as I could. Either way, I'm totally in love with my shawl. I'm already day-dreaming about being sat in the garden/beach/picnicking under the glorious sun with it protecting my shoulders.

Crochet Shawl - Lululoves

Crochet Shawl - Lululoves

Crochet Shawl - Lululoves

crochet shawl - lululoves

It seems the older I get the more camera shy I become, but I hope these photos do it some justice - it really is a beautiful item and I enjoyed making it so much.

I will definitely be trying out some of the other patterns in the book but I will say if you are a complete crochet beginner you may want to use it alongside other resources or make sure you have helpful friend to hand.

Thank you to Black Sheep Wools once again for their kind gift - I will remember it every time I wear my shawl!

Also, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you who have already entered my giveaway for the years digital subscription to Inside Crochet Magazine - you are all amazing, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for every single one of you - If you've not entered yet there's still a few days to do so here.

Bye for now. Em xx

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