Crochet - Granny Square Snood-Scarf

Crochet - Granny Square Snood-Scarf

Where are the days going? Sometimes it feels like a blur of work, cooking, homework, classes, washing etc and before I know it a whole week has passed again! I've been working on a few hat orders and any free moments I've had in the evenings have been spent very selfishly crocheting an item for myself.

I really wanted a bright snood and I was so inspired by all the granny square scarves I've been seeing online, especially those from the House of Holland Winter 2011 show, that I thought I'd have a go at making a granny square snood, just for me...

I chose some lovely wool, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (55% wool, 33% microfibre, 12% cashmere) as I wanted something that felt nice and soft, and picked out the colours I had in mind. I started by crocheting the granny squares, I made 32 but as I was joining them I realised I didn't need quite so many so only used 28. I joined the squares in the fourth round with the grey colour and made it up as I would a blanket.

I wanted it tall enough that I could wear it over my head, I hate having cold ears and last winter was so cold I often resorted to tying my scarf around my head (much to my children's horror)! When I was happy with the height and width of it I added some treble crochets to the top and bottom then joined it along the sides to make my snood/infinity scarf.

I love it and am so glad I've finished it as the weather here has definitley developed a chill to it. I managed to get Rob to take some pictures of me wearing it today so that I could share it on here...




I managed about 3 photos before the laughter set in, mostly due to Rob's directions:

Rob: Look colder!

Me: Colder? (squints a bit) Is this cold enough?

Rob: Oh Emma you shouldn't have opened your mouth now you look like Elvis!

This is why I don't let him take my picture :)



I'm really so in love with these colours.


Bye for now. Em xx

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