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I promised myself this year that I would make more of the patterns I have bookmarked over the years.  There are so many lovely patterns out there but I am starting small, I am determined to pick one at a time and finish it!  So I’m really happy that last month I finished two items that have been on my wish list for a long time….

Lululoves: Crochet Roco doll pattern by Lalyland

My first project of the month was this gorgeous Amigurumi character by Lalyland. I have wanted to make a Lalylala doll for ages.  I picked Roco for my first as he looked like the kind of trouble maker that would fit it just right here, also he’s a beginner pattern and I’ve not made many amigurumi before so I didn’t want to push my luck. I purchased the pattern through the website and was sent a pdf straight away. The instructions were really clear and it came with so many useful photos. The lovely thing about purchasing these patterns is that they often come with free add-ons so you can modify the amigurumi pattern you’ve purchased to make other dolls for free.

Lululoves: Crochet Roco doll pattern by Lalyland

I used Katia Peques 4ply acrylic yarn and a 3mm hook and he worked up to be about 12” tall. I think I may have liked him to be a bit bigger but he’s perfect for little hands, he even fits into Lulu’s dolls house bookcase so he can get up to all sorts of mischief there.  I definitely want to make more of these, I have a feeling they could be a bit addictive.

Lululoves: Crochet Roco doll pattern by Lalyland

Oh I could take photos of him all day!

Lululoves: Crochet Roco doll pattern by Lalyland

My second project was a long lusted after jumper designed by Ruby McGrath from Frank&Olive. The pattern was from issue 58 of Inside Crochet and is called the Rebekka Jumper.  I love oversized jumpers and the simplicity of this one really called to me.  The jumper in the magazine was made with Debbie Bliss Paloma, which looks gorgeous and has a lovely selection of colours but when I calculated the cost of 12 balls at £85 I had a little re-think of yarn choice!! I ended up ordering 8 balls of Weekender by Stylecraft (super chunky acrylic) that worked out to be less than £30.  It’s such a lovely project that you could easily work up in a couple of evenings, I love my jumper and although I don’t think it has the lovely drape that the more expensive yarn would give it’s perfect for me.

Lululoves: Crochet Jumper pattern by Ruby McGrath

Lululoves: Crochet Jumper pattern by Ruby McGrath

I haven’t had chance to take any pictures wearing it but I’ll try and get some sorted so I can share it properly soon.

I had an idea for a little loopy heart, I played around with it but I'm not totally happy with it. I think maybe the heart needs to be a bit wider. I made this one into a little wall hanging for Lulu and she was very happy with it.


I’ve also been working up flowers for a tea cosy. I’ve used the patterns from Leslie Stanfield's ‘100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet’ and they’ve been making me very happy.

Lululoves: Crochet Flowers

Look how the sun shone across the table as I was making them….ahhh Spring please hurry up.

Lululoves: Crochet Flowers

And because I am also determined to try new stitches this year I had a go at this leaf cable pattern that I found on YouTube. It is absolutely stunning but eats yarn like you wouldn’t believe I got and 11” by 7” rectangle from a 50g ball. It is lovely though; I’m going to have a think about how I can use it.

Lululoves: Crochet Cable Leaf

Anyway, that’s it for February. I am already looking for my next project for March; I’m thinking a nice light shawl that I can bunch up around my neck for days when I’m home alone and too tight to put the heating on.  I’m also working on some blanket designs, which I’m very excited about!

Wishing you all a March full of colour and creativity!

Bye for now, Em x

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