Crochet: An update

Crochet: An update

It's been such a long time... 2014 was a busy year but I continued to enjoy my crochet time and a lot of my endeavours were recorded in my monthly column for Inside Crochet. This without a doubt is one of the things I am most proud of from 2014. I had so much fun creating the projects and writing about the things I love...

I thought it would be nice for me to document here some of the projects I enjoyed so much from last year. 

January (Issue 48):

The year started off with a new hat (surprise, surprise) in the beautiful Rowan Thick 'n' Thin yarn (shade: Flint). I didn't actually share the pattern for this so maybe I'll pop it on here. I also tried to coax myself into being orgainised by prettying up my note books.

Lululoves Crochet Hat

Lululoves Crochet Journal Cover

♥ February (Issue 49):
Lacy gift bags to fill with little treats for your loved ones. I'll be posting the pattern for these in the coming weeks.

Lululoves Crochet Lacy Bags

♥ March (Issue 50):
Dreaming of spring with floral pot holders.

Lululoves Crochet Pot Holder

♥ April (Issue 51):
Crochet Jar cosies using a tulip stitch.

Lululoves Crochet Jar Cosies

♥ May (Issue 52):
Birthday preparations with bunting and headresses.

Lululoves Crochet Bunting

Lululoves Crochet Bunting

Lululoves Crochet Headdress

♥ June (Issue 53):
A crochet cushion, how could I not?

Lululoves Crochet Cushion

♥ July (Issue 54):

Crochet sunglasses case.

Lululoves Crochet Sunglasses Case

♥ August (Issue 55):

A summer head scarf.

Lululoves Crochet Headscarf

♥ September (issue 56):

V-stitch cowl and fingerless mitts.

I don't think I've mentioned the new addition to our family here. We welcomed Teddy to our home in June, he looks so small in this photo but he's now 9 months old. WE ARE IN LOVE.

Lululoves Crochet V Stitch Cowl

♥ October (Issue 57): 

Cauldron inspired treat baskets.

Lululoves Crochet Cauldron

♥ November (Issue 58):

A simple tea pot cosy.

Lululoves Crochet Tea Cosy

♥ December (Issue 59):

Getting ready for Christmas with some festive ornaments.

Lululoves Crochet Christmas Trees

Lululoves Crochet Christmas Angels

I really enjoyed looking back at those projects they've filled me with excitement for a new year of crochet and colour, I'm full to the brim with ideas so I hope to be back here soon.

I also just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Inside Crochet, it was an absolutely dream working with you. If you'd like copies of any of the issues mentioned you can buy back copies via the Inside Crochet Website.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2015.

Bye for now. Em xx

P.s. I've had a few emails and comments regarding broken links, I've gone through the ones I'm aware of and added Edits if there is any further information. If there is something you weren't able to find have another look at the page and if you still can't see it I'll help where I can.

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