Crochet - A New Hat for Lulu

Crochet - A New Hat for Lulu

and a trip to the lighthouse

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I posted! I didn't crochet at all when the children were home for half term. Not a stitch. It had got to the point where I had so many ideas and half started projects that I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the chaos in my head! So I took a step back and instead of crocheting in the evenings I read some books (I've missed reading as much as I used to), caught up on some TV and had a break from 'creativity'. 

I went back to my notebook this week and slowly made my way through some projects/requests...

I've been surprised by how much good that break has done me. I've since worked on several patterns that have been on my mind, a few commissions and am focusing on working on one thing at a time (for now!). 

I thought I'd share some photos today of a quick hat I made up for Lulu the other night. She's been asking for a new hat - one with a pom pom - for a while so I caved. I made it using half trebles (US HDCs) with a few puff stitches around the brim. I'm not very keen on the 'seam' that was created using this stitch and am thinking I probably should have tried working it in a spiral once I'd finished the increases. Has anyone worked a hat like that? If you've any tips on hiding a seam like that (besides covering it) I'd love to hear.

I actually think it may be a bit big for her but she'll grow into it soon enough ;)

Crochet Bobble Hat

Crochet Bobble Hat

Crochet Pom Pom Hat


Crochet Bobble Hat

We had a lovely half term, especially with all those pancakes and valentines chocolates :)) Rob cooked us a lovely seafood risotto on Valentines Day; I thought this was pretty brave of him as it's not his usual style of cooking. I will admit to being a bit concerned when I caught him pouring half a bottle of Schloer in the pan (he'd forgot to buy white wine) but it tasted great! 

On the last day of the hols we headed to the beach. We ventured Weymouth way to take the children to the lighthouse at Portland Bill - they love it there. Then for a walk and some pebble collecting on Chesil Beach and a fish and chip supper - bliss.



I can't get over how children can eat ice-cream when it's freezing outside!


Pebble skimming (or stuffing pebbles in your pockets in Lulu's case - she just can't bear to throw those pebbles away!)

Bye for now. Em xx


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