Crochet - A Granny Heart Pattern

Crochet - A Granny Heart Pattern

Hello, I’m just stopping by today to share the pattern for these sweet crochet granny hearts since February is now upon us…

I have been busy working on lots of gorgeous projects over the past weeks and am so looking forward to sharing them with you but since I’ve had a couple of requests for the pattern for these little hearts I thought I’d quickly post them.

These cute heart motifs can be varied in size by mixing up your yarn and hook sizes. I have used mine for various projects including bunting, coasters but they are also perfect to add to other projects such as jumpers, blankets, hot water bottle covers… even decorating hand made Valentines cards. 

LuluLoves - Crochet Granny Hearts

This pattern was first published as part of my Inside Crochet Column for the March 2013 issue. Suitable for beginners, you will need to know the following stitches:

Ch – Chain

Sl St – Slip Stitch

Dc – Double Crochet (US Single Crochet)

Tr – Treble Crochet (US Double Crochet)

Dtr – Double Treble (US Treble Crochet)

Written in UK terms

Using leftover DK yarn (I used Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in the photos) and a 4.5mm hook you should be able to create a heart that measures approx. 11cm at its widest x 9cm at its longest.

If you would like to make your heart smaller use a smaller hook and try a different weight yarn.  To make it larger go for a heavier weight yarn/larger hook. For example for the perfect coaster size I’d recommend an aran weight yarn with a 4.5/5mm hook (shop my favourites here).

Crochet Granny Heart Pattern:

Ch4, join with a sl st to make a ring.

Rnd 1: (WS) 3ch, (counts as tr), 2tr into ring, *3ch, 3tr into ring; rep from * 2 times, 3ch, join with a sl st to top of ch-3, turn. (12tr)

You should now have a tiny granny square with four groups of 3tr clusters and four, 3ch corners.

Rnd 2: 3ch (counts as tr), (2tr, 3ch, 2tr) in ch-3 sp (corner made) *1tr in each of next 3 tr, (2tr, 3ch, 2tr) into next ch-3 sp; rep from 2 more times, 1tr in each of last 2 tr, join with a sl st to top of ch-3 – Do not turn. (28tr)

You have now made the second round of your granny square you should have four, 3ch corners and four sides each consisting of 7tr for a total of 28tr.

You will now make the peaks of the heart by adding 7dtr into the centre tr of two sides of your square – if it sounds complicated it’s really not – keep going…

Rnd 3: Sl st across to next corner sp, *1ch, 1dtr into 4th tr, [1ch, 1dtr into same st] 6 times, 1ch, sl st into next corner sp; repeat from * once more – Do not turn or fasten off.

Edging: 1ch, 1dc into same st, 1dc into each tr around, 3dc into point of heart, 1dc into each ch-1 sp and dtr of peak, after last dtr of first peak sl st into next ch-1 sp, sl st into next ch-1 space, continue to work 1dc into each dtr and ch-1 sp around, join with a sl st to first dc. Fasten off, weave in ends.

LuluLoves - Crochet Granny Heart Pattern

I hope you enjoy making them.

Wishing you a February full of love.

Em x 

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