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{February 2012}

World Book day is nearly here again (March 1st), Oli has already come home excited with his £1 book voucher, so I thought I'd do another book post.  Last year I went a bit crazy trying to pin down my favourite book EVER and completely stressed myself out! This year I've kept it simple by selecting the favourite books we've read this month - much easier!


♥ 1, (Lulu) The Game of Finger Worms Herve Tullet - This board book is one of a collection by best-selling illustrator Herve Tullet aimed at stimulating young imaginations.  It's a simple idea you simply draw smiley faces on your fingers and they pop up in different places through the hole in the book.  Lulu asks for this every night and has gone from complete wonderment to 'getting it' and now asks for her own finger worm! I'm definitely going to try more of his books.

♥ 2, (Me) Call The Midwife: A True story of the East End in the 1950's Jennifer Worth - K and I really enjoyed this BBC series recently so when I saw the book on a 2 for £7 offer on Amazon I bought it.  I love social history so was excited to read this and it didn't disappoint. I must say that the stories depicted on screen were fairly true to the author, although the book is much more detailed and graphic and for this reason I wouldn't let K read it yet (although she asked the minute she saw it). One particular story that really struck me (and for some reason it was one of the few not included in the series) was the tragic story of Mrs Jenkins who lost her husband at a young age and struggled on supporting her 6 children until she was in a factory accident which left her unable to work.  It was heartbreaking to read how she tried to keep herself and her children out of the workhouse until finally, after the death of her baby, she admitted defeat. The impact it had on her family (and her mental health) was crushing. Men, Women and children were separated once they entered the workhouse regardless of age and family ties and often would never see each other again so you can only imagine how low you would have had to have been to have entered it voluntarily (I'll admit I cried!) It also made me aware that had I given birth 100 years ago there's no way I would have survived my first child being born, this made me a, very thankful and b, cry again!

♥ 3, (Lulu Me!) Just Being Audrey Margaret Cardillo - I'm not going to lie I was drawn to this book after seeing it on several blogs by its gorgeous illustrations. But it's also a lovely simplified tale of how the screen icon Audrey Hepburn became one of the most loved movie stars of her time (and beyond) from a young girl who dreamed of being a ballerina (she was too tall) who hid out the war with her family to her movie career and her work for UNICEF.  The age guide given is 4-8 and I agree that Lulu would probably not engage with this book yet, but the beautiful illustrations by Julia Denos mean I'm sure she will love it one day.  If not it will simply me mine to keep forever!!!

 ♥ 4, (Oli) Fantastic Mr Fox Roald Dahl - What can I say, Roald Dahl is just the King of children's literature in my view.  I'm very happy that Oli has finally got to an age where bedtime stories have a bit more substance to them and I look forward to reading him a few chapters each evening now! We found this picture edition in our local Waterstones which was great because he still likes to look at whats going on. K has just found out her stash of Roald Dahl books for him so we are moving onto The Twits next, perfect for young children who love humour in their stories.

 ♥ 5, (K) The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins - K has absolutely loved this book and has asked me to order her the next in the trilogy.  The story follows sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen who volunteers to represent her district (to take her younger sisters place) in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death between 24 'contestants' covered on live TV!  The books are big at the moment as the film is due for release at the end of March...I think I'll have a read too.

So those are our favourites this month! I'm always looking out for new reads so if anyone has any suggestions...

If you would like more information on World Book Day have a look at their amazing website full of games, competition and book ideas: 


Bye for now. Em xx

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