Bertie Bear comes to stay...

Bertie Bear comes to stay...

Lulu was very happy to have been sent home from nursery Friday with Bertie Bear!  He arrived with his very own suitcase containing his toothbrush, flannel, comb, favourite bedtime book and his journal for us to write in!

To be honest with you I think I'll be glad when he goes back to nursery tomorrow, not because he's been a nuisance but because he's so small he's prone to getting lost...

...Flicking through his journal I could see he was quite a well travelled bear, but we had poorly boy at home this weekend so couldn't really stray too far so instead we:

Took a trip to Nanny's where a gruffalo tried to feed him meal-worms - He didn't really like meal worms so...


We made cookies...


He might have liked cookie dough but Lulu said he wasn't allowed to get dirty so we'll never know...


He did like sprinkles though Lulu said, so of course we had to have some on the cookies!


Finally something he was allowed to eat!


He also played out in the garden until he got *lost* again, then he spent most of the afternoon sat on the table where I think he was quite happy!

Bye for now. Em xx

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