An Everything Oz Scarecrow

An Everything Oz Scarecrow

and a mini book review

I was very happy to receive a copy of Everything Oz: The Wizard Book of Makes and Bakes by Hannah Read-Baldrey and Christine Leech to review. I love the idea of creating craft books around well loved tales and I have often referred to their last book Everything Alice for crafty inspiration so I knew I'd enjoy it.

I was keen to give one of the projects a go straight away and Monday being rainy and grey I set out to find something that Lulu and I could do together and as we happen to have an abundance of hay following Oli's cowboy party the 'No Brainer Scarecrow' seemed like the perfect project...

...Armed with two bamboo canes, some fabric, scissors, needle, thread and brown tape we spent a happy hour making our scarecrow. We used the instructions as a guide but instead of cutting fabric from the templates given I used an old pillowcase for the body and Lulu happily stuffed this with hay for much longer than was necessary! I also skipped the fabric collar as I wanted to add one of my crochet collars (of course) and I had a couple spare! We were both really pleased with the result and she (ours was a girl scarecrow) now has pride of place in our small vegetable patch!

I think this is what makes it such a great book, maybe even better than the last, there are a wide range of projects that can be adapted to your liking or simply used to inspire your own projects. This is why I buy craft books, to feed my imagination. The illustrations and fabulously styled photography make this a gorgeous book to peruse; I just know this will be a much valued addition to my growing craft book collection.

I have my greedy eyes set on making an emerald hairpiece next or maybe the glow in the dark emerald city jelly for the children...


A full head of red yarn!


How to keep your toddler occupied: hay and lots of it!



Here she is standing proudly in her new home.


Although she seems to be permanently looking over her shoulder, I think it may have something to do with the competition she encountered...


...from Lulu, in the scary stakes!


Yep pretty scary!


If you love baking and making, even if you are a casual crafter like myself, I'd definitely recommend having a look at Everything Oz.

Bye for now. Em xx


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