A Year In Polaroid 2010 - Part II

A mobile photo album

So here's the second half of my 'year in pictures' for 2010 using only pictures from my phone...



The Summer brought lots of garden parties, the above picture was taken at a friends 40th she had a lovely 1940s themed party which was perfect for a lazy summer day.  We also had lots of children running around the garden for Oli (4) and Lulu's (1) joint birthday party while the family relaxed and Rob took his place at the BBQ!


Lots of trips to the beach, we LOVE the beach and go as often as we can in the summer leaving the house early to make the most of the day, having picnics on the beach and then as the sun starts to fade packing up the car and heading to the quay in search of cockles and chips!


We rented a cottage for a family holiday (along with my brother and his fiancee) in Cornwall which had the most amazing views from the garden and was only a short walk through the fields to the beach! This was our first holiday since having Lulu so we wanted something where we could go at our own pace (although this is hard for me as I want to see everything and make the most of every minute!)


We were able to visit lots of great places including the beautiful St Michaels Mount and...


...when the weather proved a bit unpredictable we took ourselves off for walks with our wellies.  This picture was taken of the 'sleeping lady' in the Lost Gardens of Heligan - Isn't she pretty?



We found our winter hats and scarves and wrapped up on our adventures as the weather became cooler, Oli started school in September and Lulu started walking! - *eeek*


We gathered up the last of the apples from 'Queenie' and made apple and blackberry crumbles.


As Lulu became more confident on her feet we purchased her first 'proper' shoes, she wanted to wear them everywhere although for a little while walked like she had bricks tied to her feet!


Rob carved a pumpkin with the children and I made scary treats.  We also celebrated Bonfire Night in the garden and while my brother dazzled our guests with fireworks I cooked up Hot Dogs, Chilli and Jacket Potatoes for our friends and family, with hot chocolate to warm their hands (and tummies).


Taking us to December and back to Winter and to the SNOW lots of SNOW - This picture was taken inside Starbucks where we had come to have a hot chocolate (well for the children, I needed coffee that day!) and escape the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping.  We had only been inside for a few minutes when the snow started, Oli was overjoyed!

So that's it, what an amazing year, so many milestones and happy memories.  Of course photos generally bring back the best of memories and I can tell you now that there were also lots of hard days, worries and even a few tears but that's life right?

Bye for now.xx

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