A very Good Friday

A very Good Friday

Prawn and Mussel Linguine

I can't get over this fabulous weather, It's been so hot here over the Easter holidays that it's felt more like summer than spring.  Once again, we've taken full advantage of the weather and have been eating most of our meals in the garden and yes that means A LOT of barbequing; but as it's traditional to forgo meat in favour of fish on Good Friday I decided to do a very simple mussel and prawn linguine which was perfect for the whole family on a scorching lazy day...

...To prepare the mussels I emptied them into some fresh water in the sink, (throw away any that float!) and debearded them (pulled off the hairy bits!).  I then put all the clean closed muscles into a bowl and any that were open I gave a gentle tap on the side to make them close; Oli actually helped with this part and was on high alert for any that wouldn't close (If they fail to close discard). 

Once I had all my lovely clean mussels ready I popped some dried linguine in a pan of hot water, added some Olive Oil to a large frying pan (I use one with a lid for mussels) to which I added a clove of chopped garlic and half a glass of white wine. I then added the mussels and prawns to the frying pan popped the lid on and let it steam away over a gentle heat for 5 mins or so until all the mussels were open.

Once everything was cooked I added the linguine to a large serving plate and tipped the fish and juice over it.  I chopped and added some fresh parsley made sure everything was coated in the sauce and served with lemon wedges. 

The cooking took all of 15 minutes (result!) and I managed to dish up a gorgeous, simple but tasty meal that we all enjoyed...




Smile girls; time for your close-up!


Here's where things get messy.


Oli's happy face :)


The perfect end to a very Good Friday!

Bye for now.xx

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