A Summer Birthday Party

A Summer Birthday Party

Lulu loves a party

Last Saturday we celebrated Oli and Lulu's summer birthdays with a garden party.  Nothing to grand just a few friends and their mums and dads but I prayed all week for the rain to hold off!  We put up a party gazebo in the garden just incase it did shower or to keep the sun off little shoulders should it shine!

We filled the garden with toys, dressing up and opened up the clubhouse so they could get up to no good in private!!  Luckily it was a really warm day, the sun came out in spurts and we (the adults) were able to laze around on picnic blankets while the children played.

It's really hard when you're preparing party food for outside as I've found children like to graze at party food and if it's warm you end up with curled sandwiches and fighting to keep flies away; so this year I decided to keep it simple and it removed all of the stress...

...I decided to go with hot dogs, most of the children I know love sausages so I bought 36 fresh pork chipolata sausages and put them in the oven 30 minutes before I wanted to serve them.  Then all I had to do was cut up some rolls, open some crisps and wash some fruit and veg!  This was a complete revelation to me, before now I have spent an entire morning making a variety of sandwiches, sausage rolls, cakes etc for birthday parties.

I made up two baskets of fruit and mixed them with a pack of Party Rings and some chocolate dipped marshmallows (I did these the evening before) and decided that rather than send the children home with slices of birthday cake I would let them have it for pudding. 

I can honestly say this was one of the most relaxed children's parties I have done all the food was eaten and the children were so content to play in the garden we didn't even play any of the party games I had prepared (I was working under the 'If it aint broke don't fix it' theory here!)

I also kept the decoration simple and just put up some paper decorations and balloons, I bought some flowers and separated them into small posies which I popped around the garden tables in old milk bottles and put up some bunting!

The evening before the party I had made Lulu's chocolate birthday cake, Oli was insistent he had a Lightening McQueen Cake this year, this was way beyond my cake making abilities so I caved and bought him one...all the boys went mad for it!

So that's it all my children are now a year older and I am now the mother of children aged 11,5 & 2 they are all a little taller, smarter, cheekier and I love them all a little bit more for it!



The Birthday Girl chose to hang out with the big girls - She is 2 now you know!


Blowing out the candles


Fruit and Sprinkles...Summer all over!


Oreo Pops; I was inspired by some pictures I found online so I set to making some as party favours, I bought the Lolly sticks on eBay £1.99 for 50 and just sandwiched them between the Oreos (the ones with double centres) using a bit of melted chocolate to hold them. Once they were dry I covered them in chocolate and sprinkles and left them in the fridge. There are lots of tutorials online for these, I've linked one here if you fancy giving them a go, they look great, are cheap and really easy!


Lulu and a friend catch a ride in her new wheels!

Bye for now.xx

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