A Mini Breakfast

A Mini Breakfast

Poached Quail Eggs

We love good breakfasts and thanks to our garden hens we regularly have dippy eggs and soldiers or scrambled eggs for breakfast. I love that the children can nip down the garden, collect a few eggs and within 10 minutes they have a nutritious and tasty breakfast, I'm lucky that all three of the children love eggs as they are a great start to their day.  At the weekends we have the time to be a little more adventurous with breakfast so I was very pleased when I was given some quail eggs by my sister-in-law (whose family has inherited 50 quails to look after!)...

...Although small quails eggs have a higher ratio of yolk to white so are very tasty. I thought these would make perfect mini breakfasts for the little ones so I poached them and served them up on toast and they loved it! Oli in particular is a breakfast person and will usually have an egg followed by cereal so it was really nice to see him finish his mini eggs and ask for more (yes that meant I gave up mine!)

They look so great that I think next time I'll try boiling them slightly and adding them to a salad for a quick and pretty lunch...




A little bit of sunshine in my pan!


Yummy - almost too cute to eat (almost!)


Lulu enjoying her eggs in her P.J's - the perfect start to a weekend!

Bye for now.xx

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