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For the love of vintage

Frome Vintage Bazaar

For the love of vintage

The sun has finally made an appearance here and we've been making the most of it. Although typically the minute the weather warmed everyone caught colds! Despite the sniffles the children were very happy to be out in the sunshine over the weekend.

Not wanting to spoil my their fun I decided to leave them in the garden with Rob and made my way to the Spring Vintage Bazaar in Frome...

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Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons

And a bit of a catch up...

Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons

Hello! It feels like a very long time since I've posted anything here. I have been busy crocheting, although recently my efforts have been focused on designs for other people. This has been both exciting and challenging. I have enjoyed being able to pin down some of my ideas into new projects - it has taken me out of my comfort zone but this is a good thing!

Anyway I thought I'd stop by quickly today to share some of the Easter crafting the children (and I) enjoyed...

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Something for the weekend


something for the weekend March 2013

This weekend I am hoping to indulge in the following activities...

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Crochet - Cushion Love

The Crocodile Flower

Crochet - Cushion Love

Hello! I came to a bit of a standstill this weekend with my crochet projects. Lulu's blanket is still coming along and although I've completed 120 squares I had not sewn in any ends. I'm now paying the price and trying to sew them in after I've joined each row. Making it slow going (and slightly tedious) but I know it will be worth it in the end. I've also been working on some new ideas but what I really wanted was a weekend project, something that I could finish!

I took to Ravelry to find something pretty that I could make which would take my mind off the numbers/stitches/charts that had been clouding my thoughts...

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Crochet - Granny Square Tea Cosy

Crochet - Granny Square Tea Cosy

Where oh where is spring? It's bitterly cold here and that has been reflected in the things I am working on. Lulu's blanket is coming along nicely and this cold weather means I'm still enjoying it. I'm getting increasingly hopeful that this one will be finished soon! I have also been asked to make a couple of tea cosies recently, which gave me the opportunity to try out an idea that had been brewing in my mind...

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Books we love

{February 2013}


These are the books we've enjoyed most this past month and here's why...

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Crochet - A New Hat for Lulu

and a trip to the lighthouse

Crochet - A New Hat for Lulu

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I posted! I didn't crochet at all when the children were home for half term. Not a stitch. It had got to the point where I had so many ideas and half started projects that I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the chaos in my head! So I took a step back and instead of crocheting in the evenings I read some books (I've missed reading as much as I used to), caught up on some TV and had a break from 'creativity'. 

I went back to my notebook this week and slowly made my way through some projects/requests...

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Crochet Pineapple Hearts

Happy Valentines Day

Crochet Pineapple Hearts

The children are on their half term this week so I've not really had time to do any crocheting. But we've been busy with friends and family, trips to the cinema (we loved Wreck it Ralph), making pancakes & generally making a mess! However, I did find time at the weekend to make some of these cute pineapple hearts... 

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Giveaway Winner

Rico Designs Bruno Bear Kit

Giveaway Winner

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway for the Bruno Bear Kit. I really enjoyed reading your sweet comments. I used to create a number that corresponds to the number of comments posted, and the winner is....

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Crochet Pattern - Skinny Hearts

Crochet Pattern - Skinny Hearts

I'm so happy it's finally February; January always feels like the longest month! With Valentines Day around the corner I've been inspired by hearts. There are some great patterns for crochet hanging hearts about and I've tried quite a few. But this year I really wanted to have a go at making some hearts that were more like the doodle hearts K and I so often draw...

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